From Vienna: Full Day Trip to Hallstatt and Salzkammergut

USD 144



Embark on a scenic adventure from Vienna and discover the breathtaking beauty of Salzkammergut, a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site. This guided bus tour takes you through picturesque lakes and majestic mountains, offering a unique glimpse into Austria's natural splendor.

Escape the hustle and bustle of Vienna and embark on a scenic adventure to the Austrian Alps. Our journey takes us to the breathtaking Salzkammergut region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its picturesque lakes, towering limestone mountains, and stunning castles steeped in history. We'll make our way to the charming village of Hallstatt, nestled on the shores of Hallstätter See, where you'll uncover the fascinating tale of this ancient village and its salt mining industry, which dates back to prehistoric times. During the summer months, take a leisurely boat ride across the serene waters of Hallstätter See, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Afterwards, enjoy some free time to wander through the village at your own pace, before returning to Vienna.