Tickets for the Albertina Exhibitions

USD 21



Uncover the secrets of Vienna's artistic treasure trove at the Albertina Museum, where masterpieces and majesty intertwine. Delve into an astonishing trifecta of artistic experiences, featuring a permanent showcase of Monet and Picasso's most iconic works, opulent Habsburg state rooms, and a rotating array of temporary exhibitions that will leave you enchanted.

In the heart of Vienna's historic district, the Albertina Museum stands as a testament to artistic excellence, earning its reputation as one of the Seven Urban Wonders of the World in 2018. The museum's permanent collection takes visitors on a journey through the most influential art movements of the past century, from French Impressionism to German Expressionism, Russian avant-garde, and Austrian art. Get up close and personal with masterpieces from legendary artists like Monet, Degas, Goncharova, Chagall, and Kokoschka, just to name a few. The crowning glory of the collection is an astonishing array of Picasso's works, spanning his groundbreaking Cubist period to his innovative later years. As you explore the museum, you'll be surrounded by the majestic flair of the Habsburg era, as the building itself was once the residence of archdukes and archduchesses for nearly a century. Twenty lavish Habsburg State Rooms, painstakingly restored to their former glory, transport visitors back in time to the opulent world of classicism. Marvel at the exquisite furnishings, intricate marquetry, and stunning chandeliers, all crafted in the grand tradition of the French royal court. The museum offers a diverse range of exhibits, including the permanent "Monet-Picasso" exhibition and up to five temporary shows. Consider pairing your visit to the main museum with tickets to other Albertina venues, available as a combo ticket.