Vienna: 30-Minute Fiaker Ride in the Old Town

USD 102



Experience the classic Viennese charm with a horse-drawn carriage ride that will whisk you away to the most iconic landmarks within the old town of Vienna. This leisurely tour will transport you to the top 5 must-see attractions, offering a unique and memorable perspective on the city's historic heart.

Embark on a nostalgic horse-drawn carriage journey, setting off from either St. Stephen's Cathedral or Michaelerplatz, depending on your chosen option. Your-Fiaker ride will transport you back in time to the revered Hofburg, the former epicenter of the Habsburg monarchy and currently home to the offices of the Austrian President and Chancellor. As you meander through the scenic Ringstrasse, Vienna's iconic boulevard, you'll catch glimpses of the striking Natural History Museum and the Academy of Fine Arts, twin institutions that bookend a beautiful square adorned with a majestic statue of Empress Maria Theresa, the only female ruler in the illustrious Habsburg dynasty. Next, your horse-drawn carriage will pass by the stunning Austrian Parliament building, an architectural masterpiece inspired by ancient Greek design, featuring a majestic statue of Pallas Athena standing proudly at its entrance. Immediately after, you'll catch sight of the imposing Vienna Town Hall, surrounded by a vibrant public square that buzzes with excitement during annual events like the film festival and festive Christmas markets. Your enchanting Fiaker ride will conclude where it began, back at the magnificent St. Stephen's Cathedral.