Vienna: Capuchins Crypt Entrance Ticket




Delve into the fascinating Capuchins Crypt, a historic site that has served as the final resting place for the esteemed Habsburg family since 1618. This majestic monument was constructed as an emblem of imperial power, where the remains of 12 powerful emperors, 19 revered empresses, and their esteemed family members lie in eternal repose.

Uncover the secrets of the Capuchins' Crypt, a hidden gem nestled beneath the humble church and monastery of the Capuchin Friars in the heart of Vienna. This majestic underground resting place is the final destination for the remains of the Habsburg emperors, empresses, and their esteemed family members. Delve into the intriguing history of the Habsburg dynasty as you explore the crypt's elaborate vault system, still lovingly tended to by the Capuchin Order. Over the span of four centuries, the crypt underwent numerous extensions and transformations, eventually giving rise to a labyrinthine complex of ten vaults. Today, these vaults serve as the final resting place for the ornate sarcophagi, urns, and grand monuments of the Habsburgs. As you wander through the crypt's majestic rooms, discover the creative visionaries behind this underground masterpiece. Each room exudes the imperial grandeur and power of the Habsburg dynasty. Among the 150 Habsburg personalities laid to rest in the Imperial Crypt are notable figures such as Maria Theresia, Franz Joseph, his beloved wife Elisabeth (affectionately known as Sisi), and their son Rudolph.