Vienna: Classical Concert at Mozarthaus

USD 63



Step into the historic Mozarthaus in Vienna and indulge in an evening of sublime classical music with the Mozart Ensemble Vienna. This unforgettable experience begins with hassle-free entry to the concert, guaranteeing a soul-stirring performance that will leave you mesmerized. The majestic surroundings of Mozart's first Vienna residence provide the perfect backdrop for an enchanting night of Viennese classical music.

Step into the heart of Vienna's historic city center, where grandeur and culture converge. Just a stone's throw from iconic landmarks like St. Stephan's Cathedral and Hofburg Palace, lies a hidden gem - Mozarthaus Vienna. This magnificent building, steeped in history, played host to the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself, who resided within its ancient walls in 1781. As you enter the stunning Sala Terrena, a masterpiece of 12th-century architecture, you'll be surrounded by intricate frescoes and ornate details that transport you back in time. The Mozart Ensemble Vienna takes center stage, reviving the classical masterpieces of Vienna's golden age. Let the enchanting melodies of Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Beethoven, and more, envelop you in a mesmerizing performance that resonates deep within. Tonight, the music of Vienna's classical era comes alive in an evening that will leave you spellbound. Let the sweet harmonies drift you away as the Mozart Ensemble Vienna performs in the very same space where Mozart once played. This unforgettable concert experience awaits you in the historic Mozarthaus Vienna.