Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum Day Admission Ticket

USD 22



Immerse yourself in the world of art at Vienna's iconic Kunsthistorisches Museum, where a treasure trove of masterpieces awaits. Travel through time as you explore an incredible collection that spans thousands of years, from the mystique of ancient Egypt to the grandeur of classical antiquity, and finally, to the elegance of the late 18th century.

Located in the heart of Vienna, the Kunsthistorisches Museum is a treasure trove of artistic and cultural riches. This magnificent building was commissioned by Emperor Franz Joseph to showcase the imperial collections, featuring an impressive array of artifacts from ancient Egypt and classical antiquity, all the way to the late 18th century. As you wander through the museum's grand halls, you'll have the opportunity to marvel at an incredible collection of masterpieces by some of the world's most renowned artists, including Rubens, Rembrandt, Raphael, Vermeer, Velázquez, Titian, and Durer. The Kunstkammer is another must-visit section, where you can admire exquisite works by skilled goldsmiths, such as the renowned Benvenuto Cellini. Be mesmerized by the intricate sculptures and delicate filigree works crafted from ivory by some of the era's most talented artists. But the museum itself is a work of art, with a grand staircase that boasts a series of stunning paintings created in collaboration with the famous Gustav Klimt. This architectural masterpiece is sure to leave you in awe.