Vienna: Romantic Old Town 2-Hour Discovery Tour

USD 320



Embark on an enchanting adventure through Vienna's captivating old town, where charming piazzas, secluded courtyards, and captivating tales await discovery. Wander from the historic Hoher Markt to the quaint Greek Quarter and the venerable university district, uncovering the secrets and personalities that bring this romantic city to life.

Embark on a captivating journey through Vienna's diverse facets. Your expert guide will delve into six fascinating topics, revealing the city's hidden treasures beyond its iconic landmarks. First, discover the rich history of Hoher Markt, a hub of power and commerce that has lured influential politicians, architects, and traders for centuries. Marvel at the ancestral heart of Vienna, featuring the city's oldest building, its first public waterworks, and the enigmatic Anchor Clock, which holds secrets waiting to be uncovered. Next, venture into the vibrant Greek Quarter, nestled along the Danube River's innermost curve. This bustling neighborhood has been shaped by centuries of trade and conflict, with the Turks and Greeks leaving their indelible mark. Every corner whispers tales of the past. Explore the architectural treasures of Vienna's old town, where a stunning array of styles unfolds. Wander through the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Gründerzeit, and Art Nouveau eras, each leaving its unique stamp on the cityscape. Unravel the mystical threads of Vienna's mythology, where legends and reality blur. Discover how animals feature prominently in the city's symbolism, adorning facades and fountains like ornaments. Step into the tranquil Jesuit quarter, a pedestrian oasis in the heart of the old town. As you stroll through the square, catch a glimpse into the ornate Jesuit Church, a masterpiece of Baroque opulence and ecclesiastical power. Finally, meander through Vienna's narrow, winding streets and hidden courtyards, imagining life in the Middle Ages. The mere thought of the era's hygiene conditions is enough to spark the imagination.