Vienna: Skip-the-Line Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens Tour

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Beat the crowds and embark on a fascinating journey through the majestic Schonbrunn Palace and its stunning gardens, all while benefiting from the perks of pre-reserved tickets and the expert insights of a licensed guide. As you wander through the halls and gardens of this former imperial Viennese residence, delve into the rich history and captivating legends that bring this iconic destination to life.

Ready to experience the grandeur of Schönbrunn Palace without the hassle of long lines? Imagine strolling through 24 opulent rooms, savoring the intricate details and fascinating stories about the Habsburg dynasty, all while enjoying the personalized attention of a seasoned guide. Join our 2.5-hour guided tour of Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens, where we'll take advantage of pre-booked tickets to skip the queues and delve into the Highlights Tour, an exclusive experience reserved for official partners. This means you'll get to see more than the standard Imperial Tour, including the stunning Lantern Room and Hunting Room. As we explore the palace, our expert guide will regale you with tales of Sisi and Maria Theresa, pointing out the breathtaking artwork, ornate furnishings, and architectural marvels that adorn each room. Afterward, we'll venture into the lush gardens, where you'll discover an array of statues, fountains, and architectural wonders, including the Roman ruins and majestic Gloriette. Don't miss this unique opportunity to fully appreciate the beauty, history, and heritage of Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens. Book your spot now and get ready for an unforgettable 5-star experience at Vienna's top attraction!