Vienna: Skip-the-line Tickets for Schönbrunn Zoo

USD 29



Experience the thrill of exploring the majestic Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna, a Baroque masterpiece that holds the distinction of being the oldest of its kind globally. With priority access, you'll avoid the hassle of waiting in line and dive straight into an unforgettable adventure. As you wander through the zoo's stunning grounds, you'll encounter an incredible array of creatures from far-flung corners of the world, including the star attractions: two gentle giant pandas.

Immerse yourself in the world of wonder at Schönbrunn Zoo, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site and Europe's top zoo for five consecutive years. This iconic zoo, nestled within the stunning Schönbrunn Palace grounds, offers a unique blend of culture, nature, and conservation, with a dash of imperial charm. Discover the incredible diversity of species from around the globe, with over 700 creatures calling the zoo home. Spanning 17 hectares, the zoo is a treasure trove of fascinating animals, including critically endangered species. Marvel at the giraffes roaming freely, orangutans swinging from ropes, and Siberian tigers lounging in their elevated platforms. Get up close and personal with koalas munching on eucalyptus leaves, African elephants enjoying mud baths, and meerkats frolicking in the sand. Meet the zoo's star attractions: the majestic giant pandas. Learn about the zoo's remarkable efforts to breed these endangered animals naturally, and why Schönbrunn is one of the select few zoos worldwide entrusted with a panda pair by the People's Republic of China. Take a journey around the world without leaving the zoo! Explore the numerous animal houses, each one a haven from the elements. Lose yourself in the lush, two-story rainforest house, teeming with tropical flora and fauna. Get face-to-face with mesmerizing fish and reptiles in the aquarium terrarium, and catch glimpses of death's head monkeys and red-ruffed lemurs. Dive into the Polarium for an underwater view of seals and penguins, and watch polar bears in action at the Polardom. Last but not least, discover interesting facts about rare farm animals at the Tirolerhof.