Vienna Spanish Riding School Guided Tour

USD 25



Step into the majestic world of the Spanish Riding School and uncover the secrets of this iconic institution on a guided tour. Marvel at the breathtaking architecture of this centuries-old treasure, where elegance and history blend in perfect harmony.

Immerse yourself in the timeless world of Vienna's iconic Spanish Riding School, a institution that has been perfecting the art of classical horsemanship for an astonishing 450 years. Steeped in tradition, this revered institution remains faithful to the Renaissance legacy of Haute Ecole. Embark on an unforgettable 55-minute journey behind the scenes, where you'll have privileged access to the Winter Riding School, a dazzling example of Baroque architecture. Your tour will also take you to the Summer Riding School, home to the world's largest oval horse walker, and the historic stables of the Stallburg. The Stallburg, a Renaissance masterpiece and Vienna's most prized architectural gem, boasts a stunning arcade courtyard and the legendary stables of the majestic Lipizzaner stallions. Delve into the fascinating history of equestrian excellence and discover the secrets of these majestic creatures, the true stars of the Spanish Riding School.