Vienna: Swarovski House Tour with Champagne and Gift

USD 13



Delve into a mesmerizing realm of crystal wonders in the heart of Vienna, Austria's stunning capital. Embark on an unforgettable guided expedition through the breathtaking Swarovski Crystal Worlds. As you wander through this dazzling universe, treat yourself to a glass of bubbly Champagne while being surrounded by the store's breathtaking light art exhibit, a truly immersive experience.

Step into the captivating world of crystal luxury at the Swarovski House in Vienna, a haven for art enthusiasts that has been mesmerizing visitors for 13 years. As you explore this treasure trove, indulge in a unique shopping experience that combines artistry with opulence. Be enchanted by the immersive installation "IN LOVE WITH TOMORROW" crafted by Berlin's renowned light artist Susanne Rottenbacher, where nature's beauty meets crystal magic. Delve into the dazzling universe of Crystal Lifestyle, where you'll discover an array of sparkling marvels, including jewelry, watches, and accessories that shimmer with excellence. The integrated pop-up store is a symphony of vibrant colors, showcasing the brand's philosophy of merging innovative design with product diversity. Take a refreshing break at the Moët & Chandon Bar, where you can sip on a sparkling drink amidst a sophisticated ambiance. Alternatively, unwind with a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice in a serene atmosphere. Embark on a personal guided tour to unravel the fascinating story of Swarovski's heritage in the Timeless area. Uncover the brand's 125-year history, revisiting iconic moments and marvels from the past. Get an up-close look at historic photographs, attire, and jewelry, including the breathtaking Met Gala dress and necklace from Runaway Rocks.