Vienna: Traditional Dinner Show at the Wiener Rathauskeller

USD 84



Indulge in a unique culinary experience at the heart of Vienna, where the finest regional specialties are paired with lively music in the historic vaults of the Vienna City Hall. Savor the authentic flavors of Austria while being serenaded by popular tunes, creating an unforgettable evening.

Embark on a melodious adventure that takes you on a thrilling ride from the majestic mountains of Tirol to the picturesque Salzkammergut, and finally, to the grand finale in Vienna. Get ready to be mesmerized by the rhythms of the Alps, passionate arias from Salzburg, lively polkas, and the iconic Viennese waltzes that will leave you spellbound. The evening promises to be a visual treat, with exceptional vocalists, energetic dancers, and a vibrant show that will leave you enchanted. Savor a delectable 3-course meal and enjoy three captivating scenes that will leave you wanting more. The evening unfolds with a warm musical welcome by the full ensemble, followed by timeless classics from the operetta "Der Vogelhändler - The Bird Seller" and instrumental masterpieces. Relish the nostalgic melodies from the beloved film "The Sound of Music" and indulge in the iconic operettas that Vienna is famous for.