Church of St. Michael (Michaelerkirche)

Habsburgergasse 12 Wien. (Open Map)


One of the oldest churches in Vienna, Austria

Church of St. Michael (Michaelerkirche) is dedicated to the Archangel Michael. This Romanesque edifice was once parish church of the Imperial Court, then called Zum Heiligen Michael. Although there have been architectural alterations it is still one of the few remaining Romanesque buildings.

The history of Church of St. Michael (Michaelerkirche) spans more than eight centuries. Over the years the church has endured renovations and restorations incorporating differing architectural styles. Some believe it to have been built in 1221, others think papers referencing that date are forgeries. Most likely this Romanesque, early Gothic building dates to the 14th century. For guided tours through burial vault call 0650 – 533 8003