Church of the Jesuits (Universitatskirche)

Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 1 . (Open Map)


A 1620's baroque masterpiece

Church of the Jesuits (Universitatskirche) is a two story Baroque building with double towers. It is located adjacent to the buildings that made up the old University of Vienna. The outside is beautiful yet subtle. The inside is exquisite with marble pillars, a carved pulpit, and frescoed ceiling.

Numerous side chapels, every inch elaborately decorated, give you plenty of sightseeing pleasure at the Church of the Jesuits (Universitatskirche). Looking up, it appears you have a view of the sky with angels in flight. There is no charge to tour the church, though donations are welcome. The Jesuits Church is easy to find; it is inside Vienna’s Ringstrasse.