Donner Fountain (Donnerbrunnen)

Neuer Markt 9, Vienna. (Open Map)


Vienna’s most beautiful fountain

Donner Fountain (Donnerbrunnen) was created between the years 1737 and 1739 by sculptor Georg Raphael Donner. This is one of his great Baroque masterpieces. The statues on the edge of the fountain represent the four main tributaries of the Danube on Austrian territory, Traun, Enns, Ybbs and March.

Donner was commissioned by the city to construct the Providentia Fountain. Today the fountain is known as Donner Fountain (Donnerbrunnen). The sculptor fashioned naked cherubs in the center of the fountain. Empress Maria Theresa found this objectionable and had them removed. In 1801 Francis II restored the cherubs. They were made of lead, deteriorated, and had to be replaced in 1873.